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You Should Never Ignore the 5 Symptoms of Cavity

Due to the acid present in the mouth, the hard layer of teeth starts to become hollow, which means that the cavity is being formed. Let us know about the symptoms of the cavity.     

First, we know about the layers of teeth: 

  • Enamel – the outer layer of teeth
  • Dentin – soft layer inside the enamel
  • Pulp – the vein present in the teeth

Have you ever had pain in only one tooth and have you ever thought that this cavity can happen. Only a dental expert can accurately tell that this is a cavity. Signs of the cavity can also be identified visually and physically. Which will help you know whether it is a cavity or something else? First, make sure that this is a cavity.

According to Dr. Ellis Lee of New York, the cavity is caused by acid damage. Usually, this acid is formed in our mouth when oral bacteria take carbohydrates from the substance we eat. This fermentation creates acid.

So let us know about the symptoms of the cavity.  


Over time, this acid can weaken and break the enamel of your tooth, causing overall weakness and worst cavities. This deterioration process can be painful physically, so if you have any pain in your teeth, then contact a dentist because it can be a cavity.

Teeth Sensitivity

Do you have sensitivity in any of your teeth; you know that when eating anything cold, hot or sweet, there is unity. If you feel like this, then this cavity, you are feeling the effect of the cavity.

According to Dr. Arbeitman, it is not just food that weakens enamel and promotes cavity development. There are other things like medicine that can cause your mouth dry, which can give a good environment for bacteria to roam open, and it can also cause decay and deterioration.

Color Changed of your teeth

Has the color of your teeth changed, according to Dr. Lee, tooth decay causes discoloration, the color has been changing of teeth or dark areas begins to appear, this is not a good sign.

Holes or Black Spots in Teeth

If there are black spots or holes in the teeth, then the society has started to increase the effect of this cavity. It is white in the beginning and later starts forming black spots or holes in the teeth. If you see something like this, then you should go to the dentist regularly so that it does not deteriorate.

Pain during eating

When the cavity causes perforation in the teeth, there is very soft tissue between the teeth and these holes can go to that which makes us feel pain while eating.

How should we avoid cavities?

Not only the children but the elders should also have toothbrushes twice a day, but we forget at night.

Dr. Quartey Says, “Your saliva is protective. It helps to neutralize what’s in your mouth as a normal washing away process,” When we go to sleep, this process becomes very slow and the bacteria present in your mouth can damage your teeth very much.