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What Types of Dental Braces are recommended for Fast Results?

Best Types of Dental Braces Recommended for Fast Results

If you are looking for the best orthodontic treatment, it can take some more time before achieving the desired results. Well, some options are quite faster as compared to others. Dental braces are definitely the most common and widely used orthodontic treatments which have been used these days. So, we are going to look at the braces which are known to deliver quick results.

Even though braces really work well to cure malocclusions, they can be painful. Especially in early days, you might feel some pain. You need to clean the teeth carefully and eat certain types of food and visit the orthodontist on regular basis. No one wants to have that extra load. Due to the inconvenience and pain caused due to braces, be sure to look for the ones which deliver quick results. We have listed the fast-acting braces. They can be on costly side but they are really worthy investment as you can get the desired results within months.

Modern metallic braces

These braces are enhanced for fast results. Like traditional braes, they are also made of metallic brackets. They have an adhesive which holds on the brackets to the teeth as well as conjoining wire. They are basically designed to put more pressure to the teeth as compared to older braces. Metallic brackets are known to be a bit smaller and they are known to anchor at the right spots so you can get the right teeth shape.

You can also get the elastics attached to the braces to improve the overall looks. There are two hooks attached to each jaw and elastic bands are placed with them. These bands are used to protect jaw balance and improve the alignment.


These types of braces have become the best choice for people having malocclusions. They are both fast and convenient to deliver best results. But they are also very invisible. They are made of plastic aligners or cases which are customized as per your teeth shape. It restricts the positioning and shape of teeth and your teeth will be aligned well in a few months.

You need to replace these invisible aligners every two weeks. It adds enough room to grow. Also visit the orthodontist frequently to keep track on the progress of your teeth. It can correct the process within 3 months.

Accelerated Orthodontics

It is yet another great option to consider. The accelerated orthodontics is designed for the busy people who can’t wait to get the best results. An orthodontist can use different processes to give quick results. They may use cytokines to control the bone growth. It can be easier to remodel the teeth to the right position. They are used with invisalign and braces. You should ask your orthodontist for choosing this treatment option.