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What to do after Dental Braces? – Foods to Avoid and Care Instructions

Brushing and Flossing

After getting braces, it is very vital to floss and brush on regular basis to keep your gums and teeth healthy after braces treatment. Without proper cleaning, you need to visit your dentist more frequently for professional cleaning. If you have had gum disease before, you need to see the periodontist for orthodontic treatment.

Braces and Food

You should always be aware of what you can eat if you have braces. First of all, let’s discuss what to avoid. From day 1, be sure to eat soft foods only. Don’t eat hard breads, tough meat, and raw veggies. You can bite a cucumber later. But you also have to take care of orthodontic appliances so you can eat for as long as getting braces. First of all, cut down the food into small pieces and chew your food with back teeth.

Foods to avoid

  • Don’t eat crunchy foods like ice, popcorn etc.
  • Don’t chew foods like hard rolls, bagels, and licorice
  • Avoid sticky foods like gum and caramel chocolates
  • No sugary food like soda, candy etc. and hard foods like hard pretzels and nuts
  • Also avoid foods you need to bite like apples, carrots, corn on the cob.

Braces can be damaged by chewing on hard objects like pencils, pens or fingernails. Your tooth cannot move any longer when brace or bracket is loose and is not that attached to the tooth. It could start moving back. It takes longer time to start treatment due to broken or loose braces and it could cause adverse results.

How to treat General Soreness?

After getting braces, your teeth may not be able to bite for up to 5 days. So, you can take whatever needed for pain or headache. Your cheeks, lips, and tongue may be painful for up to 2 weeks as they get familiar to the braces. You can apply wax in irritated areas on the braces to relieve discomfort.

What to do when teeth are loosening?

You need to expect this along the treatment. You don’t have to worry because it is normal. Teeth will be loosening to move. After treatment, teeth will get firmed in the new positions.

Loose Band or Wire on Braces

Don’t worry if a band or wire loosens. It happens sometimes. If a wire is causing pain and sticks out, you can use eraser part of the pencil and tuck in the painful wire if possible. All you need to get it out. If irritation to the mouth or lips doesn’t go away, simply place wet cotton or wax on the wire to avoid pain. You may call the dentist for appointment quickly to fix the problem.

Wearing Rubber Band

To complete your orthodontic treatment properly, you need to work well with your orthodontist. The jaws and teeth can move to the right positions only if you wear any appliance like rubber bands as per the prescription. Treatment may take longer time due to damaged appliances or lack of cooperation.