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Does you child need Brace Treatment? Know here…

Basically, our teeth should be lined up well like the keys on the piano. Sadly, many people have some common oral problems like poor alignment of teeth, crowded smiles, or crooked teeth. Cosmetic concerns are very common these days. Overlapping or crowded teeth are not easy to clean and gum disease and tooth decay are more likely to happen. Teeth which don’t come together well by closing the jaws can lead to swallowing and chewing issues. Due to poor tooth alignment, it can also be harder to pronounce some sounds and can cause a lot of stress on muscles and facial pain.

There are many children who get braces treatment. How do I know if my child needs braces?

Children should be at least 7 years old to get a checkup. You should visit the dentist who will tell whether braces would be the best choice for your child by seeing the orthodontist. Here are some of the things to decide whether a child can benefit from visiting the orthodontist –

  • Problem in biting or chewing
  • Late, early, or irregular loss of child teeth
  • Sucking finger or thumb
  • Mouth breathing
  • Jaws which make sounds, shift, recessed or protrude
  • Teeth which are abnormal
  • Biting the roof of mouth or cheek
  • Teeth and jaws out of proportion to the rest of your face

If you suspect any of these issues, you should immediately see the dentist without waiting for his 7 years of age.

What is the best age for braces?

The ideal age varies according to the patient. The ideal age for getting orthodontic treatment for kids is from 9 years to 14 years as kids have some permanent teeth in this age and are still in the growth stage.

Most of the orthodontic issues like crowding, protruding of upper teeth, having too much space in between the teeth, missing or extra tooth and jaw growth issues can be controlled. Some other problems may also develop with time when kids suck their fingers or thumbs, poor dental hygiene, breathe through the mouths, and poor nutrition.

Can adults get braces treatment?

At least one in every 5 patients who get braces treatment is an adult. There is no age limit if your teeth are healthy. Orthodontists can move them easily. But it is vital for an orthodontist to coordinate with a dentist. This way, you can rest assured that you can get braces and there is a great chance for good results. After getting braces, you will soon be back to normal life. There are also modern braces which can easily be hidden or not noticed.