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Perfect Teeth Care for Babies

Usually, the teeth of children start coming out in 6 months and at that time the child cries a lot and also becomes irritable.    

After giving birth to a child, the responsibility of a mother increases even more. The problem of parent’s will increases when the child’s teeth begin to grow.

When the child is about 4 months old, his teeth begin to appear and some children begin to have their teeth in about 4-5 months. Children feel nervous at this time because when they start coming out of the tooth, they have unbearable pain. At such a time, it assumes the children to chew something. At times during this time, vomiting and diarrhea also occur. Usually, children do not have a fever at this time, but if the pain is excessive, fever may occur. Come, we know about the problems that occur at the time of dentition for the first time.


Swelling in Gums

After the age of 6 months, when the first tooth of the baby starts coming, at that time, their gums start swelling and redness in the gums also, due to which the baby feels pain and the baby starts crying a lot.

Be Irritated

Children usually become irritable at the time of the tooth eruption because they feel great pain and saliva starts coming out. At this time the children start crying more due to being very distracted and irritable. At these times, precaution should be taken in the care of the child.

Gums Itching

When the first teeth start coming out of the child, at that time they start to get sweet and itchy, so the child starts chewing with anything in the mouth to erase itching.

Have Diarrhea

When the teeth of the baby start coming, then they get thin diarrhea. Therefore, if the child starts having diarrhea after 6 months, then understand that the baby’s teeth are going to come out, the child may have a fever additionally diarrhea.

To Vomit

When the teeth of children start coming out, the children are unable to digest food and then they vomit more frequently after drinking milk. If you have given anything light to him, he will reverse it even immediately.

While Feeding

At the time of child’s tooth, take care after drinking milk, the bottle of milk does not remain in the mouth of the child, when the child turns yellow, removes the bottle from the mouth immediately. Because the bottle of milk is kept in the mouth, the baby’s teeth can rot.


When the child is 3 years old, they can give a toothbrush of fluoride. At this time children start going to school, you can give them a toothbrush with their favorite color, favorite Television character so that they brush every day. Assure that the brush is the size of their mouth. However, stay with him while brushing him and take care that after brushing he will not swallow it.

How to care

During teeth coming out, keep a clean cotton cloth under the child’s head. Due to itching in the gums, children start putting anything in their mouth, so always give the clean item to the child and ensure that it is not too small. The Teething ring is not tied around the child’s neck as it may get stuck.

When the child cries a lot, it will be good for the parents to stay in contact with the specialist of his child and take care of the child according to him.