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Invisible Braces Benefits, Types and How does it work?

invisible braces

Invisible braces are more helpful than traditional braces and transparent braces as it is virtually effortless. It is important for a heartfelt and genuine smile. An attractive smile makes everyone feel much better, relaxed and make the right impression while socializing or in professional life. These invisible braces are made of proprietary, SmartTrack and multilayer material. Invisible braces are fixed by using clear brackets and tooth-colored wires. Mainly move teeth into the straighter position. Invisible braces are more popular because they can be taken out to drink, eat or while cleaning. It has significantly lower negative impacts than braces. 

Types of Invisible Braces:

  • Ceramic brackets – These are just like metal braces but to straighten teeth colored brackets are used rather than metal. Generally non-staining, making them less noticeable than metal. Made of materials that are brittle and weaker but they are larger than metal brackets require small ligatures which can be stain and clear. Until treatment is completed, they are non-removable because they are not as strong as metal brackets.
  • Inside braces – They are attached to the back of the teeth so they are hidden from the view. These are computer-designed custom brackets that are attached to the insides of the lower or upper teeth. Elastics are also used with it and they are also not removable.
  • Clear aligners – They are removable and clear provide virtually free irritating treatment. 

Benefits of Invisible Braces:

  • Invisible Appearance –  These trays are invisible completely clear help in an attractive smile. For adults, teens and young adults it is a great option who don’t want brackets and wires in their life.
  • Comfort – These Invisible braces are made of smooth plastic making them more comfortable than traditional metal braces. there are no extruding/sharp edges.
  • Improved cleanliness – Invisible traces are removable. They can be removed at the time of eating, drinking or while brushing and then again can be poped back. The trays can be cleaned themselves. At the end of the treatment, a bright and attractive smile can be possible.
  • Saves time – At the dentist’s office or orthodontist, all can spend less time than other traditional braces as only need to be maintained every six weeks on average.
  • Safe – These invisible braces have a more comfortable experience without any causes.
  • Eat whatever you want – Restrictions on food are not a problem for Invisalign. Trays can be removed while eating whatever you want to eat and also help in some special celebration as foods are not off-limits. 
  • Better Dental Health – These invisible braces are better for dental health and gums. Gaps and crowding will be eliminated and makes it easier to care for teeth.
  • Beautifully Straight Teeth – It leads to Beautifully straightening of teeth with an amazing smile.

How does it work?

It fits the snugly over teeth. It shifts teeth incrementally and when needed it rotates them in all the planes. After many next sets of invisible braces teeth will move into the position. It makes overcrowded teeth to protruding teeth, widely spaced teeth, narrow arches, over-bites, cross-bites, and underbites. Each aligner applies low forces to teeth. It will also work for Overbite or overjet, Crowded or widely spaced teeth, Crooked teeth.