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How to Naturally Whiten Teeth?

naturally whiten teeth

Teeth on a mandatory basis get to yellow with age, but due to some natural remedies, you can slow down the process and even reverse this process.

First, know why teeth become yellow?

Generally, Teeth become yellow with two main reasons and both are accelerating with age:

Enamel Thinning: The external layer of the teeth contains enamel that is almost white and it protects the internal structure of the tooth. Dentin is a tissue inside the enamel, which color is yellow-brown. When your enamel layer gets wears away or thin, and then your teeth turn to look darker.

Aging, acidic food, and gum disease can bear down the tooth enamel. Some people have thinner enamel naturally or since childhood.

Stains: Some food and drink like coffee and wine that stain your teeth, they also bear down the enamel that increases the yellowness.

Some other source also causes stains like tobacco and smoking, some antibiotics also cause stains.

Follow the strategies to whiten your teeth naturally

Coconut Oil Pulling: Take a tablespoon of natural coconut oil in the mouth and swirl it around the mouth like a mouthwash for 5 to 20 minutes. To get sprinkled clean teeth, take baking soda and brush your teeth with a damp toothbrush.

Oil pulling is one of the oldest techniques to remove the bacteria and plaque from the teeth expose brighter and whiter teeth. The coconut oil contains some natural antibacterial that also helps you to reduce gum disease. In oil pilling, you can use Sunflower and Sesame oil as well.

Brush with Baking Soda: Baking soda can remove the stains from the teeth. Some people think baking soda may bear down the teeth enamel but they do not know it has natural whitening properties. It is a safe way to remove and that has been proven in research.

It helps to protect your teeth from bacteria and also able to reduce your tooth decay and plaque.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide: It contains natural bleaching elements that also able to protect your teeth from bacteria. Lots of people are using it for years to clean the wounds because it can kill bacteria. Most commercial whitening toothpaste and products contain hydrogen peroxide. You can make it toothpaste by adding baking soda or simply use it as a mouth wash.

Change Diet Plan: Remove some food from your diet that causes stains in the future. Some drinks and foods contain tannins; eliminate them from the diet list such as tea, coffee, wine, juices, and dark soda that can stain the teeth. 

Quit tobacco products and smoking habits that also can stains. It is a cause of gum disease and tooth decay, both can harm your teeth enamel and also harmful for your health.

Normally, people have white teeth but it turns to yellow with aging. To maintain your teeth you need to get regular dental checkups to keep your teeth bright.

Natural home remedies can whiten your teeth but a dentist prefers you for professional teeth-whitening. If you belong to Jabalpur and surroundings of Jabalpur, you can meet with Dr. Abhinav at Abhinav Dental Care, you can take an appointment by calling at 8359017239.