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Types of Surgeries by Cosmetic Dentistry

When you want to improve your smile, then the surgeries of Cosmetic Dentistry work best for the individual that delivers a pleasant smile and white teeth. In reality, cosmetic dentistry is a process by which professional oral care focuses on improving the whole appearance of the mouth, teeth, and most crucially smile.  Needless to say, the surgeries of cosmetic dentistry are on the boom because more and more individuals are facing tooth issues. Even though reality shows an inside view of the patient’s mouth that how dentists commence surgeries to offer a beautiful smile on their faces.

Through this article, you will come to know about some of the cosmetic dentistry surgeries that are quite simple and helps in restoring varied teeth problems. They are as follows: –

Cosmetic teeth whitening

It is also called Teeth Bleaching in which dentists brighten and whiten the teeth of the patient that has discolored or stained. It is mainly commenced in the dental clinic. The dentist colors the teeth of the person after it is cleaned from plaque, tartar, and various other debris.  

The reason behind the discoloration of the teeth is food, medication, bad habits like smoking and drinking. Keep in mind that every time teeth cannot be bleached, so it is very vital to consult the dentist before taking a decision.

Cosmetic dental implants

Dental Implants is a kind of metal device that is used in place of missing teeth. This metal device is made with titanium and with the help of small surgery, it is placed inside the jawbone.

The surgery of the dental implant is permanent that act as a tooth root and can easily anchor an artificial tooth-like, crown, bridge, and denture.

Dental Veneers

This is another surgery of cosmetic dentistry that looks like a natural tooth. Veneers are fragile, tooth-like color shells bonded or you can say cemented on the front side of the teeth. However, these thin veneers get fixed in the teeth with the help of cemented material and can last long for at least 20 years.


It is also called composite bonding that is used to repair decayed, damaged or discolor teeth. A most crucial part of this cosmetic dentistry is the material used to repair these teeth resembles the natural color of the teeth. 

The dentist drills the decay in the tooth and applies that material on the tooth surface. After this surgery, the tooth looks healthy and natural. Composite bonding surgery of cosmetic dentistry is the least expensive surgery that is available to the patients. 

Inlays and outlays

They are also called indirect filling, which is invented in a dental laboratory. This inlays and outlays are used by the dentist when the teeth of the individual suffering from mild to moderate decay. Inlays are directly put on the teeth and outlay is used to cover the full teeth surface.

These outlays and inlays are made up of composite resin material, and with the help of dental cement, it is attached to the teeth.


All the above cosmetic dentistry surgeries are straightforward and pain-free and also discuss with the dentist which one suits your teeth and works long.