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How to avoid pain when your braces are on?

Tightening your braces can be very painful. Almost anyone may feel pain in the first few hours, no matter if it is your first or last time. You can treat and prevent pain and discomfort related to your braces with certain strategies.

Ask your dentist or orthodontist about the procedure – If you are having anxiety, ask your orthodontist so they can offer ideal treatment at braces clinic. They know how to deal with anxious patients. They will explain the procedure and handle your anxiety and also suggest how to reduce nervousness.

Practice deep breathing before and during process – It will help divert your mind and reduce your anxiety. If you feel more relaxed, the pain can be more manageable. Focus on breathing and you will be diverted from what they are doing.

Don’t have caffeine before appointment – Caffeine can make you more jittery and nervous. It might be more difficult for your teeth and gum to be numb and can keep your anesthetic from working as well. Don’t have drinks which have caffeine like tea, coffee, energy drink or soda. Instead, drink enough water before appointment.

Take OTC medicines – Be sure to ask your doctor before taking OTC painkiller and anti-inflammatory medicines. You can take different medications, such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and aspirin.

Apply something cold to your teeth and face to control swelling and pain – Drink cold water or apply ice packs on your mouth. Use soft ice pack or gel to your cheeks for at least 15 minutes. The cold water can help numb your teeth and control swelling. Drink the water with a straw. Don’t drink or eat anything warm just after drinking cold water. It can hurt your teeth and cause damage to your braces.

Brush your teeth using soft toothbrush – Regular toothbrush may cause pain. Use toothpaste with sensitive bristles and brush your braces and teeth twice a day at least.