Laser Implant Dentistry

Lasers have been the revolution in implant dentistry domain. Laser Implant dentistry is the procedure of revealing implants which once involved a scalpel or a tissue punch to hole on the gums and to uncover implants. These days, lasers can painlessly and quickly finish a second stage surgery.

Laser Dental Implants

laser implant dentistry Different types of lasers are now used widely in dental treatment. Laser dental implants can be beneficial in these ways –
• No stitches needed
• Bloodless, painless surgery and procedures
• Avoids the use of local anesthesia in most cases
• Post-operative painkillers and antibiotics are avoided in most cases
• Lower risk of post-operative discomfort and swelling
• Faster recovery

Here are few basic applications of lasers in implant dentistry –

• Laser desensitizing – When excessive enamel wear or gum recession made several teeth sensitive, dental laser can reduce sensitivity.
• Laser bleaching – When performed with lasers, tooth whitening can reduce sensitivity as compared to traditional methods. So, the risk of post-operative sensitivity is lower.
• Growth removal – Painless removal of growths in your mouth.
• Lasers also treat joint pains.
• Laser Root Canals – Lasers can achieve great level of sterilization in this treatment.
• White Lesions treatment – Lasers can remove early lesions with ease.
• Infected/Diseased Implant Treatment – You can easily avoid implant failure with early treatment of implant infections.
• Pediatric Dentistry includes a lot of painless procedures for kids.